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Webmail is an integrated email authoring, storage and delivery application. Webmail is accessible from a dedicated Tab in the top menu or as a pop up window by clicking on an email address stored in a record.
  • Replies to messages sent go to the inbox of the 'From:' address in your message
  • The 'From:' address defaults to the email address in your user profile
  • The 'From:' address can be changed on the fly while creating your message
  • Any number of message Templates can be stored and reused
  • Any number of Signature blocks can be stored and inserted into messages
  • The recipient sees your name and email address in their inbox, not AppShore's
  • Files can be attached from your hard drive or from the Documents application
  • Carbon copy (cc:) and blind carbon copy (bcc:) are available
  • Messages may be saved as Drafts and sent later
  • Separate folders are provided for Trash, Sent and All
  • Messages sent and in folders are visible only to the user who created or sent them
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