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Confidentiality and protection of your business information is always our top priority!

Data protection
All applications and data bases are stored on mirrored disks. We run a full back up each night and we keep them for 30 days. We will restore your data base in case of disk crash for free to the last back up. If you want to rollback to a previous stage, we can restore your data base to any of the 30 back ups for a fee.

Robust Network Level Security
AppShore platform includes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security between your workstations and AppShore servers. All network traffic is encrypted by SSL 256 bit certificates, the same security typically employed by world-class e-commerce web sites.

  • https://your_company_alias.appshore.net will activate SSL encryption
  • Appshore servers are secured by firewall

Role Based Access Control
Role Based Access Control is an enterprise-class security feature that allows a trusted company administrator to define rules and business policies that govern access to AppShore applications and services based on the role of the individual within the company.

The administrator of the AppShore applications may define any number of roles that match the organizational structure of the company. Access to applications is granted on a role-by-role basis, each role being granted access to one or more applications or services. Depending upon their functional requirements, users are then assigned one or more roles

Role Based Access Control also enables very granular control of the scope and type of access allowed within specific applications. For example, on an application-by-application basis, scope could be set at none, user’s data only, all data within a role, or all data. The type of access may be set at read only or read/write within the scope.

Enterprise-class Role Based Access Control means; simple to administer, accurate, secure and flexible enough to match your unique organizational structure.

You will never need more than one user name (or your email) and password to access all AppShore applications and services.

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