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AppShore's applications are built on top of a robust application management platform. This platform facilitates application level data integration in addition to a wide variety of other shared services leveraged across all AppShore applications, including:

Highly Customizable User Interface
The AppShore application workspace may be personalized based on administratively granted access to user preference settings including:

  • Local or country based services and behaviors
  • Language, currency, and time zone preferences
  • Color scheme preferences
  • Presentation style preferences
  • Password resetting

Powerful Search Engine
Each AppShore application has its own multi-criteria search form for locating data within a specific application. Quick Search is also available for searching for data across all AppShore applications.

Bulk operations
Bulk operations allow to modify multiple fields at once for multiple records, to delete or to export multiple records. Bulk operations apply to a manually selected range of records, the current visible page of results or all the results of a specific search.

Dynamic cross applications links
Some applications like Accounts and Contacts are naturally linked. In this example, a contact is attached to an account and an account refers to many contacts. Appshore allows you to define your own relationship between applications. For example, you can set a link between the applications Opportunities, Documents and Webmail to have a global vision of all documents and emails related to a specific opportunity.

Context Sensitive Pop-Up Windows and Drop Down Boxes
To accelerate data entry and avoid costly errors, all AppShore applications provide context sensitive pop-up windows, drop down boxes and dynamic look up tables.

Most Recently Viewed
The AppShore application portal dynamically records and presents the history of the last records accessed by the user in each application.

You can tag records from different applications under the same tag name to regroup them according to your business logic. Delete bulk operations can be applied to the records tagged.

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