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The Leads application is the best place to collect, import, sort and store purchased lists or unqualified suspects' information before dispatching them to your sales team. Once qualified, leads may be converted to an account or a contact or both at any time.
  • You can track the origin of Leads by customizing the Source drop down select
  • You can rate Leads as Hot, Cold, Dead, etc. by customizing the Rating drop down select
  • Leads can be categorized by type of business by customizing the Industry drop down select
  • Leads can be re-assigned and distributed to other users
  • Lists for email Campaigns can be created from search results
  • Leads may be imported from .csv files, automatically collected at your web site or entered manually
  • Leads may be exported to Excel (.csv file format) at any time with proper permissions
Leads may be imported from .csv files
Convert a lead and assign it to a sales person in a one click operation
Leads web capture allows you to create a `Contact Us` form on your web site and capture the information submitted by your visitors directly into the AppShore data base.
  • We provide an easy to use HTML template to integrate into your web site
  • Define the set of fields you want to use in your form
  • Fields can be text, checkbox or drop down select
  • Add your own custom lists and fields that match those define in your AppShore account
  • Receive a notice email when a user submits the form
  • Custom redirections after the form submission depending on success or failure
  • AppShore stays behind the scenes, the user never leaves your website
Web capture a lead from an external web site
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