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The Contacts application contains information about individuals who may be related to Accounts (companies, organizations).
  • Any number of contacts maybe related to an account
  • Any number of activities, documents and emails may be related to a contact
  • Contacts may be related to cases and opportunities
  • Many fields are provided to capture personal contact information including date of birth
  • Subordinates, Managers and Assistants in Accounts application may be related to contacts
  • A Contact does not necessarily need to be related to an account
  • Lists for email campaigns can be created from search results
  • Contacts may be imported from .csv files, created by converting leads, or entered manually
  • Contacts may be exported to Excel (.csv file format) at any time with proper permissions
Apply bulk operations (update, delete, export, tag, list) to selected records
Link contacts with accounts, activities, opportunities, documents...
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