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Emails are a great way to stay in touch with hundreds of customers, partners or prospects. Emails are cost effective and fast. Use Emails campaigns application for one shot communication, periodic newsletters, and to promote new products or services.
  • No limitation in the design of your emails, use fonts and colors, add images, links...
  • Create templates (headers, footers, generic paragraphs, ...) then reuse them at will in new campaigns.
  • Personalize your email campaigns and increase response rates by dynamically inserting data such as first name, last name and company name into the text of the message or the subject line.
  • Build highly targeted lists from Accounts, Contacts or Leads applications by applying precise search criterias.
  • No AppShore branding, emails are all yours.
Lists of recipients may be created quickly from Leads, Accounts and Contacts search results
Rich text editor allows you to design great looking emails with images and links
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