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All tasks related to the configuration and the sizing of your AppShore account take place in Administration.
  • Modify your subscription to upgrade, downgrade, add users, and remove users
  • Create new users, activate, deactivate, delete users
  • Reset user passwords individually or in bulk
  • Create, activate granular security profiles (Roles) to flexibly allow or restrict access
  • Grant access to applications at User, Group, Public and Administrative levels
  • Security may be applied at the application and record level
  • Security may be applied to user Preferences such as password reset
  • Ability to allow or disallow Import and Export through Role
  • Activate, rename and reorder application tabs
  • Define Departments and the organizational structure of your company
  • Define sales teams and their managers
  • Identify sales people who are assigned Quota
  • Assign Quotas to sales people
  • View usage statistics of various resources allocated based on your license
  • View history of orders and subscription payments placed with AppShore
Set your company profile and size your subscription
Create business roles that match your organization
Create users, set their profile and grant them roles
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