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The Activities application is useful to keep track of all the discrete events such as phone calls, meetings, or tasks. Once related to an account, a contact or a lead, you will have a global overview of the time spent on each business opportunity.
  • Activity records are used to schedule and record the outcomes of calls, meetings, tasks or any custom event.
  • Activity records can be viewed by all, some or only one user according to your needs
  • Any number of Activities can be related to Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Cases
  • Any number of emails and Documents may be related to an Activity
  • Any number of Attendees (Contacts) may be related to Meetings
  • Activities may be reassigned and distributed to other users for completion
  • Activities may be imported from .csv files or entered manually
  • Activities may be exported to Excel (.csv file format) at any time with proper permissions
Filter activities by any criteria that suits your business practice
Display shared calendar by day, week or month
Keep track of every single event and relate it to the right information
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