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The Accounts application is the place to keep track of your current customers, qualified prospects or your partners. Account records usually contain information about companies and organizations, not individuals.
  • Any number of contacts maybe related to an account
  • Any number of opportunity records (that track a sales process) can be related to an account
  • Any number of activities, cases, documents and emails can be related to an account
  • Accounts can be categorized by type of business by customizing the Industry drop down select
  • And, categorized as Customer, Prospect, Partner, etc. by customizing the Type drop down select
  • Accounts can be re-assigned and distributed to other users
  • Subsidiaries, divisions and branch offices can be related to accounts
  • Lists for email campaigns can be created from search results
  • Accounts may be imported from .csv files, created by converting Leads, or entered manually
  • Accounts may be exported to Excel (.csv file format) at any time with proper permissions
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