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API for developers
  A successful operation will return a status equals to ok plus a set of contextual information depending of the operation.

Example of XML return if successful:

Example of JSON return if successful:

A failed operation will returned a status equals to error plus an error code and an error message.

Example of XML return if failed:

Example of JSON return if failed:

The messages associated with the error codes are in plain English when not yet authenticated and translated in the language defined in the user profile once authenticated. As for the other regional settings in the user profile, it is adviced to set the language once for all to avoid interpretation issues.

List of error codes, associated messages and potential causes:

Code Translated message Comment
ERROR_INVALID_DOMAIN_NAME Invalid domain name Invalid subdomain/domain name, check the URL.
ERROR_PERMISSION_DENIED You do not have access right on this application The user has no access rights to this application, check the RBAC. The application name is wrongly written.
ERROR_AUTH_INVALID Invalid authentication Invalid tuple username/password
ERROR_AUTH_IPACL Authorization denied on IP No authorization granted for this IP address
ERROR_NO_AUTH Not authentified Operation without previous valid authentication or missing session identifier (sid) in the command line
ERROR_RECORD_NOT_FOUND Record not found Record not found
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