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API for developers
Data schema Return the set of fields of the defined application
Mandatory parameters
sid=parameter Session identifier
op=application.schema Function to execute
Optional parameters
field=value Any field returned by the function
Return if success
status ok
items_count Number of fields (items) returned
fields The set of fields with their associated parameters
Return if error
status error
error code See list of error codes
error message Translated error message
Retrieve schema for Accounts application:


Retrieve schema for Leads application with filter on the record key:


Retrieve schema for Contacts application with filter on mandatory fields:


XML return if successful:

XML return if failed:

Field types:

Field type code Field type Is custom Comment
CH Checkbox Yes
CU Currency Yes
DA Date Yes
DD Drop down list Yes
DF Document folder No
DO Document No
DS Document size No
DT Date - Time Yes
DY Document type No
EH Editor HTML Yes
EA Editor HTML advanced Yes
EM Email address Yes
EN Enumeration No
ET Editor Text No
IM Image Yes
LI Link No
LR Link to many records No
ML Text - Multi lines Yes
NU Numeric Yes
PH Phone, mobile, VoIP Yes
PW Password No
RE Related No
RK Record key No
RM Reminder No
RR Link to a record Yes
SC Scheduler No
TE Text Yes
TI Time Yes
TS Time stamp Yes
VF Link to the record Yes
WM Link to web mail Yes
WS Link to web site Yes
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API for developers
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