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API for developers
The AppShore API allows third party developers to build interfaces between external applications and the AppShore platform.

The AppShore API is secure, powerful, easy to use and covers all the features needed for accessing and managing the data in your AppShore instance.

The following services are currently offered within the API:

  • Authentication and authorization to access data according your defined Role Based Access Control policy
  • Data schema to discover the specific implementation of your data sources
  • The 4 standard CRUD functions: Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete with some advanced features

The AppShore API gives access to data through simple HTTP POST or GET. If needed and with a little loss of performance, developers can decide to use a secure SSL connection (https) instead of a standard http for API calls. Calls and results are executed and delivered in XML or JSON format at the developers choice.

Examples of usage of the AppShore API are as neutral as possible. It is up to the developers to transpose them in their own context. They can be executed from a web browser, a Curl command line or adapted to a specific programmatic language. XML or JSON Results are sometimes displayed with line feed and indentation to make them more readable.

Example of call with XML through a secure SSL connection:


Example of call with JSON:


Example of XML return if successful:

Example of JSON return if successful:

Example of XML return if failed:

Example of JSON return if failed:

Developers can communicate with the AppShore team regarding technical questions and issues through the support ticket application accessible from your AppShore account or from the support form on this web site.

The AppShore API is for developers only. It requires to be knowledgeable in one or many programmatic languages like Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby or XML. Contact us if you need some help to design an interface between your applications and AppShore.

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