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Customer care
AppShore offers the following Professional Services at affordable rates. Please contact us to get a quote.

Data cleansing and import Service
Involves formatting of data in Excel spreadsheets, or data exported from other systems like ACT!, Outlook, Goldmine or Salesforce.com, and the proper importing of the data into your AppShore data base.
If you would like us to add, delete, or modify records in your data base in bulk according rules that you define. We can usually come up with an automated script to do so.

Implementation of our Lead Capture Service
We can modify your web site ‘Contact Us’ form in order to implement our automated Lead Capture feature. Have Leads loaded directly from your web site into your AppShore data base.

AppShore implementation review and analysis Service
We will review and analyze your use of AppShore and offer practical and technical recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and productivity of your users. We can also implement the recommendations for you if you like.

Custom Reports
Can’t get the results you need from our standard reports or by building your own Custom Reports? We can create new reports for you according on our business requirements.

Custom Applications
Do you need functionality we don’t provide in our standard system? We do custom development to enhance our existing platform with new features and functions, or we can build an application from scratch. We work with you to develop the specification, we provide you with an estimate of time and cost, and deliver the application based on the terms agreed.

Data base recovery and back up
We do nightly back ups and save them for 30 days. If you have accidentally deleted records or otherwise corrupted your data base we can restore it to a point in time of your choosing within the past 30 days of your request.

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