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December 23, 2011

With Xmas and New Year Eve at the corner we thought about doing something nice for our customers to thank them for their continuous support since 2005.

Sending an electronic greetings is fine but usually the mailbox is full of unwanted emails. So we decided to go for an offer that nobody will discard to the spam box: an extra discount on top of our already highly affordable service!!!

  • 6 months of subscription will get  a 5% discount.
  • 12 months of subscription will get even more with 10% discount.

And even better these discounts are here to stay all year round!!!

The AppShore Team

PS: We have added a new feature to the Saved Search described in the previous post. In each application, you can now define a saved search as your default search and use it automatically. The new button "Reset" will recall it when clicked.

New search features in AppShore
December 13, 2011


Over the week end we have added two new features to the search form presents in each application. Both of these features were highly requested by customers.

Custom dates:

A user has already the opportunity to select a predefined date from a list that appears when he double clicks on a date field. He can also select a precise date from a popup calendar.

The new feature allows to set a custom period before or after a date or between two dates.

  • Enter ..Mydate to search on all dates up to Mydate 
  • Enter Mydate.. to search on all dates from Mydate 
  • Enter Mydate1..Mydate2 to search on all dates between Mydate1 and Mydate2

Limits are included in the search range.

Mydate is a valid date within the date format set in the user's preferences.   12/06/2011.. will search from Dec 6th 2011 in the user set MM/DD/YYYY format or from June 12th 2011 is the format is DD/MM/YYYY.

Multi choices drop down lists:

It is now possible to select none, one or many items in a drop down list when running a search. While it is a quite simple feature from the user point of view, it has required some heavy updates on the server side to handle more complex requests that are in the case of AppShore build dynamically. 


AppShore added in Google Chrome Web Store
February 22, 2011

The Chrome Web Store (http://chrome.google.com/webstore) is an online marketplace where you can find thousands of applications, extensions and themes for Google Chrome. Some of these applications will be installed locally on your computer, others like your beloved AppShore are online services.

Chrome Web Store makes easy to search and discover great applications. Each of them have a dedicated page where you can read reviews or leave your own rating and comment.

The AppShore service has been added to the Chrome Web Store February 21st, 2011.  You can give it a try by installing it into your Google Chrome browser.

The link https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nncfflnlcfapbpdfkjjhhopjlpfknokd (or this one  if you prefer short links) is the landing page of AppShore in the Chrome Web Store.

Also you should take the opportunity to let a review about the AppShore service. Don't be shy, tell the World what you often like and sometimes dislike about AppShore!!!

The AppShore Team

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