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We looked at Salesforce.com, Relenta and Insidesales.com, but AppShore had all the functionality we needed at a reasonable price. 
AppShore provides a great product at a great price and great customer service. We would definitely recommend them! 
We selected AppShore because they provide everything we needed from Salesforce.com, but at a much lower cost. 
We had been using salesforce.com but we had a problem getting people to access it regularly - a major factor was ease of use. We decided to make a switch and looked at a wide range of choices from Act! to Sugar CRM. 
We looked at several products including SalesForce.com. We selected AppShore for its ease-of-use. 
We evaluated ACT! and Salesforce.com. AppShore provides unparalleled, superb customer support. The product is much easier to use, and far less expensive. 
We looked at several other CRM products including salesforce.com and Goldmine. The AppShore feature set, customer service, and cost per seat made it a clear winner for us. 
AppShore allows us to focus on the communication and relationship building needs of our accounts without compromising speed and reliability. 
This is a terrific system. I wish I had found it a long time ago. 
AppShore customer service is EXCELLENT!! They are very helpful and very thorough. It is rare to get such great customer service. 
I found when we tested NetSuite, Sales Force and SugarCRM it just took too long to get setup and get going. With AppShore we were using the product the same day. We turned our evaluation into a full time application before our 30 day free trial was even up. 
We evaluated several in-house and web-based offerings and ultimately chose AppShore over SalesForce.Com. I have been delighted with the attention and responsiveness we have received from AppShore. 
AppShore support has been excellent – like a true business partner, they have been there with us every step of the way. 
Before AppShore we were using multiple spreadsheets and sticky notes…We’ve eliminate all that… all our customer information is now stored in a central location…this allows us to provide much better customer service to our clients. 
Compared to Sugar CRM, it is clear AppShore really cares about its customers. AppShore is the new CRM system to watch! 
Before selecting AppShore we also evaluated salesforce.com. We are extremely happy with AppShore and would strongly recommend them. With the personalized service they provide, I am sure you will also be very satisfied. 
On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest we would rate AppShore's customer service a definite 10! 
I looked at a variety of other applications, both ASP and Server based solutions. I chose AppShore for the ease of use and the price. It’s a pretty good bang for the buck! 
AppShore was one of the first products I looked at. I was so impressed I stopped looking. The support has been fantastic! 
In addition to AppShore we also evaluated SugarCRM and salesforce.com. We chose AppShore for overall best fit and cost. AppShore customer support is also excellent, fast and efficient. AppShore is an excellent online CRM solution, well worth the investment. 
AppShore works great for us. We can connect our contacts with opportunities and projects and keep everything in one place. 
We looked at salesforce.com, SugarCRM and upsales.com but all were far too expensive for our needs. Plus, AppShore provides great service and support! 
Overall we are very satisfied with the benefits of the AppShore program and would certainly recommend it to friends and colleagues. 
AppShore Customer Service and Support is EXCELLENT! I rarely wait more than 20 minutes to get a support response... 
Customer service has actually been the single greatest aspect of working with AppShore 
AppShore customer service is tops and the more experience we gain with the application the more ideas we get for expanding its use in both the sales and customer service departments. 
We looked at many other products and found AppShore to be most cost-effective. 
AppShore is addictive! We looked at Salesforce.com and SugarCRM but they were way too expensive and confusing. AppShore is easy to use, they provide great support, and the price is amazing. 
We evaluated Salesmation and Appportal before selecting AppShore. The speed, flexibility and cost advantages that AppShore delivers made it my 1st choice. 
We’ve been a loyal AppShore customer for over 4 years now and can testify to the excellence of the product and the customer service provided. 
We have recommended AppShore to many people and will continue to do so with confidence. We really cannot say enough great things about them. 
AppShore has helped us to double our business! 
I would (and have) recommended AppShore many times. They provide an excellent product at a price point that delivers very high value to our company. AppShore support is one of the best in the business. 
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