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Vformation (formerly BlackSwan Health) is an early stage and growth equity investment firm with a focus in healthcare, education, and the environment

Using AppShore we’ve been able to track and manage contacts efficiently and in an organized manner. We have the capability to customize fields and rank contacts by importance, as well as by industry and type, allowing us great flexibility and control over our contact database. The ease with which we can customize our fields and categories makes AppShore a great solution for us as we do not use the ‘typical’ sales process identifiers most CRM software provides. AppShore’s customer service is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, taking the time to walk us through specific requests so we understand how to execute customization of features and use on our own.

We also looked at Salesforce.com as main competitor. But reviews mentioned how difficult it is to customize Saleforce.com. As a small, new investment firm, it didn’t make sense to hire someone to customize an expensive product for us, but we also wouldn’t be able to use the ‘out of the box product’ to meet our nuanced and specific needs.

AppShore Customer Service and Support is EXCELLENT! I rarely wait more than 20 minutes to get a support response, and they always have simple and easy solutions to take care of any service or support requests we have. I would absolutely recommend AppShore to friends and colleagues. This is an especially effective product for small businesses who don’t need an expensive, difficult to navigate system.

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