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We have been using AppShore for almost two years now and we are very happy with the product. The customer service is also very good! As a manufacturer and distributor of floating porcelain tile flooring systems under the SnapStone and Avaire brand names, we have separate web sites for each brand. Visitors to our web sites include consumers interested in purchasing our products, distributors interested in reselling, and installers seeking guidance and assistance.

Before discovering AppShore we were using ACT! for simple contact management. But since it is not a web based product, it did not allow us to capture information from our web site ‘Contact us’ forms or to share that information effective amongst our staff. Now that we are using AppShore we can gather information directly from the web sites into our AppShore data base in a completely seamless and transparent manner. This has allowed us to gain more insight into who is visiting our site and respond more effectively to product inquiries.

We also utilize the AppShore reporting tool to analyze the information in the data base. We can categorize and evaluate the inquiries based on the type of visitor, whether consumer, distributor or installer. We report on the questions submitted by the installers to determine how to improve our installation instructions and make the process easier to understand. We can also break down the information by state and by country to give us a better feel for where are customers are located.

Overall we are very satisfied with the benefits of the AppShore program and would certainly recommend it to friends and colleagues.

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