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We recently adopted the Appshore Professional Edition following a recommendation from one of our clients. I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and tell you how pleased we are with how easy adopting your solution has been.

As a company we are entirely sales driven and the functionality Appshore provides has given us a much clearer view of our prospective and existing client relationships and helped us enormously in forecasting our projected revenues easily and accurately.

When we looked at putting a CRM system in place we looked at other ASP vendor products such as SalesForce.Com and client-server products such as GoldMine. However, the feature set included in Appshore for the cost per seat made yours a clear winner for us. We also took in account the strong recommendation we had from one of our clients regarding the high level of customer service your company provides. So far we have had no need to call on you as the product has delivered exactly as promised. But having the knowledge that we can do so provides a great sense of security. Adding additional users as our company grows is very straightforward and I look forward to doing so over the coming months.

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