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QwikQuote is a small but fast growing International software company. We provide a simple-to-use automated quotation tool suitable for multiple industries. We have thousands of customers and over the years have also collected thousands of leads. Since we have multiple offices in the US and in other countries, we needed a web based system that would allow us to organize our long lists of customers and prospects, help our sales team to track revenue opportunities, and allow our technical support team to track open cases.

We looked at Salesforce.com, SugarCRM and several other web based solutions. We were willing to pay a lot more for our CRM system than what AppShore costs, but we found the big players to be overwhelming in their complexity and far too expensive.

Today we use AppShore to capture leads from our web site, manage sales activity and sales processes, and for post sales support case management. AppShore is addictive! Their customer support is excellent and we are continuously finding new ways to leverage the breadth of functionality provided. Best of all, the price is amazing!

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