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ProLease Services assist customers nationally on the selection of communication products and services. We broker the customer to leasing companies and facilitate the design, implementation, and installation of hardware products and provide continued after installation support.

AppShore has allowed us to store and move internal documentation seamlessly from one system to another and from sales, to project management, to invoicing. Before AppShore we bogged each other down with multiple Emails.

Before deciding on AppShore we evaluated NetSuite, Sales Force, and SugarCRM. The AppShore service best fit the needs of our company without all of the other fluff stuff other providers were offering. We were looking for a product that was easy to learn and maintain. I found when we tested NetSuite, Sales Force and SugarCRM – it just took too long to get setup and get going. With AppShore – we were using the product the same day. We turned our evaluation period into a full time application before our 30 day free trial was even up. AppShore has been a reliable product with excellent support.

I like to say I’ve experienced AppShore’s customer service department – but the truth is I haven’t. Aside from my initial experience with setting up our account, which was easy and professional, I haven’t had any issues with the product that have required me to call support.

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