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PPM sells measuring and drafting services to architects, property owners and property managers. We measure existing buildings then create scaled “As-Built” drawings that are used to help plan and design construction projects. AppShore has really been a benefit to our lead generation campaigns. We have entered contact information as well as key demographic data of thousands of leads, and we can easily sort the data to find any specific group of leads we’re looking for and target a campaign directly to them. We have used AppShore to help organize and keep track of email, direct mail, and telemarketing campaigns.

We spent a lot of time researching a number of products such as salesforce.com, ACT, QuickBooks Customer Manager and more. What appealed to us about AppShore was that the reviews said it was easy to use and tailored towards small businesses. I wanted something that could be up and running quickly. In the past I’ve tried to get started on new large programs and after a few months I end up giving up and not using them anymore. That has not been the case with AppShore.

Customer service has actually been the single greatest aspect of working with AppShore. We are not a very technical team and have had a lot of questions and needed a lot of help to get everything up and running the way we wanted, particularly in the beginning. We’ve received help with all sorts of requests such as importing new leads, creating custom fields, starting campaigns, filtering data, and much more. Each time we’ve called or emailed we’ve been able to get help within an hour, if not sooner. This is pretty rare for an online service.

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