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I would like to take this opportunity to complement you on your product and service and let you know it has had a very positive impact on the sales function within our organization. We had evaluated several in-house and web-based Sales Force Automation offerings and, having initially decided on the total cost per seat benefits of a web-based solution, ultimately chose Appshore over SalesForce.Com

Our business also provides a web-based solution, and we looked at all the elements that our clients use when making a decision to contract our company when evaluating yours. It has proven a good choice as Appshore has delivered the functionality, ease of use, cost per seat value and post sale customer care provision that we were looking for.

Since adopting Appshore, everyone from our individual Sales Reps through to our Sales Management Team have found it far easier to track the progression of each opportunity through the sales cycle and produce much clearer revenue forecasts on demand.

As with all service relationships it is the ongoing care that ensures satisfaction and I have been delighted with the attention and responsiveness we have received to any queries we have raised. As you know we recently recommended you to one of our partners and doing so was primarily based on our comfort level that you would handle them with the same professionalism with which you have looked after us.

I very much look forward to continuing the relationship between our two companies and would be happy to act as a reference for any other prospective clients you have evaluating your product.

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