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Magnum creates solutions that Measure the Business Impact of IT™. Prior to implementing AppShore we struggled to get an accurate measurement of our sales cycle, pipeline, and forecast. We were using a combination of purchased products, Excel spreadsheets, and manual procedures but still did not have a good handle on the size of our pipeline vs. the forecast size.

We tried all the typical desktop solutions; ACT, Goldmine, etc. but then went to the Internet approach with Salesforce.com. None of them were able to deliver the value or technology that AppShore delivered. AppShore had all the features the other solutions did and many more. The AppShore solution is very flexible and easy to implement and the breadth of features and functions available is simply amazing for the price. AppShore provided an immediate positive impact on our business.

I would (and have) recommended AppShore many times. They provide an excellent product at a price point that delivers very high value to our company. AppShore support is one of the best in the business. Although, we only had to use it a few times to ask a few questions, the response was quick and very helpful.

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