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John Baylor Test Prep is the in-person and on-line ACT® Prep course that boosts ACT scores on average of more than two points following your first JBTP ACT® Prep course - more on subsequent ACT® tests. The on-line partner for the college-focused school and student, JBTP offers not only ACT® Prep, but also College Counseling, to ensure that higher scores get leveraged into the best college at the lowest cost.

Before we started with AppShore we were using multiple spreadsheets and sticky notes all over the place to keep track of conversations with our customers. We have now eliminated all that and all of our customer information is stored in one central location in the AppShore data base and it is available to all employees in real time. We track conversations, emails and all customer history in AppShore. This enables us to provide much better customer service to our clients.

We used Salesforce.com prior to converting to AppShore. We moved from Salesforce due to the increased cost as our team grew, and they really had more functionality than we needed for our small business. We looked at other options before moving to AppShore but we chose AppShore because it provided us with the functionality we required at a reasonable cost.

AppShore customer service is the best! All my questions are answered immediately and in a very efficient manner. We would definitely recommend AppShore to others.

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