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At Hawkeye Management we are small business lending consultants specializing in unsecured business lines of credit and unsecured business loans. We work with a network of local, regional, and national lending institutions that provide these unsecured lines of credit and unsecured loans. We navigate the ever changing banking and lending terrain for you and find the best possible solutions to meet your individual and business needs. We provide expert consultation to each client so you can make intelligent, well-informed decisions.

The biggest benefits Hawkeye Management has received by using the AppShore program has been having the ability to customize our database specifically to our business needs. This allows us access to very specific trending reports that puts us in control of our business and puts us light years ahead of our nearest competitors. Also, now all of our information is in one program verses numerous programs and users now have online 24/7/365 access to our database. We now see things in real time and can be proactive to any business situation.

We researched other CRM's such as Sales Force and found the costs, limited customization, and customer support to be a negative for our business needs. We were impressed that we were able to make a phone call and speak to a decision maker who understood the products abilities and limitations. We were also impressed that AppShore would want to understand our business in order to ensure the customization we were requesting was really what we needed.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest we would rate AppShore's customer service a definite 10! Any time we've called or emailed the response is always immediate. Our questions and needs have always been handled with a sense of urgency by AppShore. They are always available for us to ask specific questions or even simply to brainstorm a situation to help us make the best business decision.

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