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Expotrade Australia Pty Ltd specializes in the organization of trade shows in Australia. We use AppShore as our central database for tracking all of our accounts and new leads.

Before selecting AppShore we also evaluated salesforce.com but chose AppShore for the very competitive pricing, ease-of-use, reliability of the service, stability of the company, and the ability to customize the solution to our specific needs. I’ve never had any downtime and the server response time is always very good. It was also very easy to train my staff since it is so user friendly.

AppShore customer support is excellent! I am extremely happy with the service. Even though I am based in Australia and AppShore in the US, they called me at a date and time convenient for me to go through the training process. The support agents are very friendly and helpful. I would strongly recommend AppShore. With the personalized service they provide, I am sure you will also be very satisfied. Keep up the good work!

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