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Online Customer Relationship Management For Smart Business
  • Create more sales
  • Accelerate lead generation
  • Develop business opportunities
  • Improve accountability
  • Service clients effectively
  • Increase productivity
  • Organize teamwork successfully
Accounts and contacts
Leads and web capture
Import accounts and contacts from spreadsheets. Link them with activities, documents and emails. Capture leads directly from your web site, dispatch them to your sales team.
Activities and shared calendars
Email campaigns
Schedule meetings, events, tasks and phone calls. Record activity per customer, partner. Send email in bulk to your contacts, leads or accounts.
Send and receive emails with attachments (documents, files). Link them with accounts, contacts, leads. View online, print or export predefined and custom reports.
Opportunities, forecasts and quotas
Track all opportunities in your pipeline. Set quotas for your sales team and follow their performance by period. Build your corporate knowledge database by recording and sharing business practices, product issues and customer cases.
Personalize AppShore to match your specific business needs. Add fields or lists, modify forms, look and feel. Store and share your business proposals, marketing documents, images,...
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